La Dorlote
“ At La Dorlote, we're passionate about animals ”


La Dorlote


Clémence is a state-certified breeder and zootherapist, with more than
10 years of experience in breeding and animal health.

Benjamin is a state-certified seeing-eye dog trainer,
specialized in canine behavior and human-canine relations.

La Dorlote welcomes:


La Dorlote acceuille les chiens

La Dorlote is unqiue in that we offer flexible boarding plans tailored to your dog's personality (exposure to other dogs, food, walks, veterinary supervision, etc.). Your beloved pet will be ensonced in his or her spacious, comfortable private kennel, with their own large outdoor area, fenced and shaded.


La Dorlote acceuille les chats

You kitty will be delighted by his or her large private space designed for activity and entertainment. They will enjoy plenty of attention and a personalized boarding plan (hugs, play, care, food, etc.).

La Dorlote trains:

La Dorlote propose une école de chiot

We offer puppy training beginning at two months, to learn manners, self-control and good behavior.

La Dorlote propose l'education du chien adulte

We also offer adult dog training, counsel on how to live happily with your companion, as well as owner training. A well-informed owner makes a well-behaved dog.

La Dorlote breeds:

La Dorlote élève des Labradors

We developed a passion for Labradors from our experience with seeing-eye dogs, and breed L.O.F. (certified) chocolate Labrador Retrievers.


La Dorlote pratique la zoothérapie

We offer animal mediation workshops to senior homes, medical training institutions, schools and inidivuals wishing to benefit from this effective therapeutic method.